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When the EP « MMXX » was released in September 2020, it marked a crucial point in the career of ESKIMO CALLBOY, with Nico Sallach (formerly To The Rats And Wolves) celebrating his debut as second frontman. In this new line-up, the carefree fun of the early days has returned.
Especially the single « Hypa Hypa » shot through the roof in record time! Meanwhile, the hit has 28 million plays at the popular streaming portals and 16 million views on YouTube – and the trend is still rising!
ESKIMO CALLBOY have taken this sensational success as an opportunity to completely reinterpret their hit with household names within the German music scene like The Boss Hoss, Sasha, Hip Hop crew 257ers as well as DJ duo Gestört aber GeiL, We Butter The Bread With Butter and lastly Axel One.
The fact that so many renowned acts have taken up the hit shows the class of this composition, which works in all facets, and is an accolade for ESKIMO CALLBOY, which ennobles the Castrop entertainers, despite all their shrill party attitude, as songwriters to be taken seriously.
After they have achieved pretty much everything possible with Hypa Hypa, ESKIMO CALLBOY decided in September to move onward with something completely new and shared their recent single release “We Got The Moves” that is already on a record-breaking course as its predecessor. Over 200.000 streams within the first 24 hours, over 5 million overall streams after one month and more than 6 million video views speak for itself and prove that ESKIMO CALLBOY are on the top of their game right now and are a force to be reckoned with.
On top of that the band also just announced the “Escalation Fest 2022” their first own festival that is going to take place after their Europe headlining tour on March 19th, 2022. Already working on new crazy material, one can say that the coming months hold a lot for ESKIMO CALLBOY.